EpiQuad 205R

Speed monster

Are you in need of more speed? Lighten your build with the EpiQuad 205R A.K.A. EpiLight. This frame has been designed with speed in mind but with some extra protection on motors and camera.

-Only 63 Grams
-Great top and bottom finish pattern on the carbon fiber.



After hours of testing, many prototypes and ups and downs we released the final version. Here are some of the best features.

– All holes countersunk therefore it is easy to protect your batteries from damage due to the screws
– Pair of press nuts making it possible to mount a sharkfin or GoPro Sessionmount, maybe you can design and use your own attachment!
– 2 options on height included in 1 kit. 20mm and 25mm therefore you can choose your own stack!
– 30.5 and 20mm stacks will fit
– Designed for micro cameras
– Optional hardware kit to mount your favourite FC and ESC(‘s).

Team EpiQuad

Because they love the frame it is currently used by all EpiQuad teammembers for the outdoor season of the Dutch championship. At this moment they are leading in the competition with 1st 2nd and 3rd place.



At this moment the EpiLight is available trough 2 retailers. Check them out!